Nearly half of corporate silk is not up to standard

Now with the improvement of people’s living standards, silk quilt is the first choice for everyone in the early summer season, but according to the results of the comparative tests released by the Beijing Consumers’ Association, half of the silk is not up to standard.

Three types of silk were suspected of being counterfeit. This time, the city’s consumer associations from Beijing Wumart, Wal-Mart, urban and rural warehousing, Zhuangsheng Chongguang, Chang’an Shopping Mall, Fuxing Commercial City, Cuiwei Building, Yansha Outlets Shopping Center, Bairong Mart, Jingdong Mall and No.1 Online Shop purchased 40 types of silk quilt samples, ranging in price from two to three hundred yuan to several thousand yuan.

According to the testing report of the China Commodity Consortium on the Quality Supervision, Testing and Testing Center for Needles and Cotton Products, 40 kinds of silk were up to the standard in terms of formaldehyde, ph value, odor, and carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, but there were 19 quality indicators. Does not meet the standard, accounting for 47.5%. Luo Gang, director of the Consumer Relations Department of the Municipal Consumers Association pointed out that the information on the silk quilt is inaccurate, and the fiber content is inconsistent with the actual measurement, and shoddy. “Some fillings have long-staple cotton or medium-long filaments, and the middle layer has short cotton. ".

Among them, the fillings of 8 kinds of silk quilts were seriously missing. For example, the sample content of "Shengwei" was marked with silk content of 51%, and the actual measurement was 20.8%. "cotton flower" marked silk content 50%, measured 24.6%.

What's more, individual companies fake silk. The "Hi-day" embossed silk quilt sold at Bairong Mart and the pure silk quilt of "Silende" were filled 100% silk nominally. As a result, only a small amount of silk was found at the quilt opening, and the rest was polyester. Fiber or viscose. The “fashion home” noble silk quilt authorized by the nominal French company Pierre Cardin and bought by Shanghai Baolai Home Textiles Co., Ltd. from the urban and rural supermarkets Suzhou Bridge Store was filled with viscous fiber and polyester fiber, and there was no single silk at all. .

The issue of silk has been canceled. The Consumers Association 19 said on the same day that the problems found in the above-mentioned comparative experiments have been reported to the industry and commerce. The city’s industrial and commercial departments have already carried out law enforcement actions accordingly, and the products in question have been temporarily taken down for further processing. Survey situation. The reporter called and learned that "silk flower", "Avi Home Textiles", "Pircatan", "Hua Nianshi" and other silk quilts have been removed from shelf sales.

Luo Gang, director of the Consumer Relations Department of the Municipal Consumers Association, told the reporter that the reasons for the poor quality of the silk quilt are mainly due to the fact that the enterprises have used the limited raw materials for the silk production. The quality monitoring is not in place; in order to obtain inspection reports in response to shopping malls, supermarkets and online shops To enter the store, companies often send samples of better quality to third parties for inspection, and reduce costs for subsequent batch products.

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