Wiesmann Ladies summer lemon yellow lit your wardrobe

Bright yellow, full of "lemon flavor," is inherently featured as a protagonist. It has a high degree of saturation, gorgeous eye-catching, without losing the freshness of the fruit, regardless of the lemon yellow applied to any detail, can quickly become the focus of the crowd, so you immediately full of energy. Weisi Man fashion ladies summer 2013 brilliant lemon yellow, let your summer is full of elegant modern style, light your wardrobe!


Hit the color collar design, break the dull, enhance the visual highlights; long before the short hem, also draws on the British handsome fashion elements, with the former piece of chiffon fabric, even more thoroughly thin refreshing; loose gallery, is the moment Fashion's new favorite. Bottom trousers, comfortable micro-elastic fashion pants material, waist crack crease unique design, that is, simple personality, but also modern and elegant.

威丝曼女装 夏季柠檬黄点亮你的衣橱

Elegant chiffon blouse, loose corridor for a variety of body wear, delivery narrow belt, easy casual. Bottom of a basic paragraph Leggings, you can mix and match. Lace elastic waist there is no lack of refined delicate feeling.

威丝曼女装 夏季柠檬黄点亮你的衣橱

Elegant and romantic petal sleeve design, two kinds of thick chiffon front three-dimensional splicing, as well as fit the stylish European version, just right blend of elegant and modern style of the brand, the hollow skirt design, the overall style of comfort without restraint, fashion freedom .

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