Saiya Home Textiles purchase mat three steps

There are many kinds of mats on the market, and the materials used are not good. Some of the mats are also labeled as “selling” by the merchants. It is easy to confuse people who don’t understand the purchase. The brand home textile Saiya home textile friendship reminds you to buy a mat to take a three-step song, "one smell two look three touches."

Saiya Home Textiles purchase mat three steps

“One smell”: Whether it is a bamboo mat, a straw mat or a rattan mat, when you open the mat, you should put the mat on the nose and smell it. Some inferior mats will wax on the surface, or use chemicals to make the mat look beautiful. some. These mats usually emit a paint or chemical taste, while those with a fragrant bamboo taste indicate that the material is fresh and is a newly prepared product;

"Second look": Is to see whether the overall color of the mat is uniform, whether there are spots, mildew, wormholes or burrs;

"Three touches": It is to touch the mat, to see how it feels, to be neat and uniform, not sticky, not varnished, the smoother the feel, the cooler.

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