Where children have Omega source boutique children's clothing

Omega Source Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2008, is located in the former town of ancient smoke, clothing city today - Humen. Is a collection of advanced research and development design center, a modern production base; a sound marketing service system and efficient logistics and distribution system in one of the powerful comprehensive strength of the well-known children's wear enterprises. Omega source company to "all for children to create, do children's image consultant" for the design and innovation. Now has "Omega source, child house" two major brands, covering multi-level consumer demand. Only the nation, is the world. Omega source is a aristocratic fashion brand, in the design style is completely different from most of the children's clothing brand with a cartoon pattern, she will be adult fashion in the classic and exotic elements of Europe and South Korea into children's wear design. The children's aristocratic temperament fully demonstrated, the use of soft colors, the beautiful Eurasian fashion technology and modern trends as a whole, revealing a lovely elegance. Novel style, exquisite workmanship, to an extraordinary fashion taste performance most vividly. Over the years, Omega source design has been imitated, never been surpassed, Omega source set up the mission and responsibility is to provide children with comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly and safe products, can be with children to grow up happily. Adhere to the "children is our lifetime business" is the core goal of Omega source business. Give the child meticulous care and care, let Omega source as a child's playmate! With the continuous development of Omega source brand, product categories continue to enrich, truly "children's place, there is Omega source boutique children's clothing." The most valuable is as a banner of the children's wear industry, Omega source has always flaunt its innate brand awareness, with its own brand, original design and innovative development in the market successfully occupy their place. Today, Omega source is not just a dress, has sublimated into a culture, a taste, a spirit, leading the wave of China's reform of children's wear. The future of Omega source, not only the concept of a brand, it should be a synonym for a successful and outstanding children's clothing brand groups and brand products.

Tufflex is polyurethane coated Stainless steel wire rope screen with the same open area as woven wire and huge advantages over traditional screens.
The Tufflex Screen is made up of two types of ropes welded together. The rope running from hook to hook is a wire rope with a thick polyurethane covering. This rope, with the wire, allows the hooked edge screen to be tensioned like other hooked edge screens, with no modifications to machinery required. The same maintenance procedures of checking the screen tension applies to Tufflex screens. The other rope is made up of a fine synthetic cord, also with thick polyurethane covering, and runs parallel to the hooked edge. For side-tensioned set-ups, this rope acts like rider bars for larger stones to slide down the deck, channelling smaller ones closer to the apertures. This increased stratification improves screening efficiency. With the end-tensioned screens, this rope can be used on top, running in a cross-flow orientation, or positioned underneath the rope with the wire.  

Tufflex is a polyurethane-coated screen media that can be substituted for traditional woven wire screens with minimal adjustment to the screen deck. Available in several combinations of both rope and wire diameter and aperture size, Tufflex offers additional customisation options via partially or fully welded screen cloths. The smooth surface of the polyurethane prevents sticking and blinding, which is further enhanced by the flexibility offered by Tufflex`s cloth construction.

The Tufflex cloths not only improved the quality but also minimised blinding, improved efficiency and have great wear. this provides the site with longer periods between changeover and less downtime during busy screening periods.  

The available range of Tufflex screens is extensive, with aperture sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 45mm and square and rectangular aperture shapes, similar to woven wire. The wire rope diameter ranges from 1.5mm to 12mm, with custom-made rectangular slots as fine as 0.7mm wide. The construction varies with either fully or partially welded wires. Sheets of poly can also be welded on for [hot spot" impact protection or enhanced abrasion protection along the hooks.

Tufflex Screen

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