Breguet Home Textiles: The Spring of the Springs Introduces "Flowers" into the Room

"Water is the source of life, and green is the foundation of life." Raising flowers can not only beautify the environment, but also activate the atmosphere to purify the air and line up the harmful substances in the living room; however, some flowers have a negative impact on people and should attract attention.

The blossoming spring blossoms, the colorful flowers and plants have beautified our body and mind while beautifying our living environment. Many people will introduce a few pots of flowers into the room in this beautiful season. Although there are many benefits in family flowering, few people know that flowers and plants are secret. The indoor flower arrangement is also very particular. Baodi Home Textiles Aide Consultant will discuss the secrets of spring room flowers and plants with you.

During the daytime, when photosynthesis is carried out, flowers emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide; at night, flowers do not perform photosynthesis, spit out carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. At this time, if you put flowers in the bedroom, it will be harmful to your health.

Breguet Home Textiles: The Spring of the Springs Introduces "Flowers" into the Room

In the bedroom, it is best to put less or no flowers at night to avoid affecting health; some flowers can not only fresh air, but also have some negative effects on people, so it is best not to place them in the bedroom. For example, although the rose flowers can contain a lot of harmful gases, the rich fragrance emitted by them can cause depression, discomfort, suffocation, and even difficulty breathing; leaves such as azaleas, tulips, lilies and orangutans can also be absorbed. Volatile chemicals, but yellow azalea contains a toxin that can be poisoned if eaten lightly. Most of the rhododendrons contain some volatile oils and rhododendrin, which have certain curative effect on bronchitis and asthma. Tulip flowers contain a kind of toxic alkali. It is reported that contact with too long will accelerate the gelation of the hair, the fragrance of the lily, and smell for a long time. It can make people's center over-excited and cause insomnia.

Breguet Home Textiles: The Spring of the Springs Introduces "Flowers" into the Room

There are also some flowers, such as the pollen of Bauhinia, which may cause asthma or exacerbate coughing if it is touched for a long time; mimosine in mimosa is a very toxic organic substance, and excessive contact with the human body may cause hair to fall; Night scented scented stimulating particles at night will make high blood and discouraged patients feel dizzy, depressed, and even worse, but night scent is a kind of fragrant flower for viewing, its strong aroma, can also repel mosquitoes. Generally used in courtyards and balconies.


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