School-enterprise cooperation is an innovative e-commerce training model

[China Glass Network] First, the "demand" guided e-commerce training model

"Demand" refers to a conditional, feasible, and superior choice driven by desire. The balance between supply and demand in talent cultivation involves three elements: one is the individual's desire, the other is the objective needs of the market, and the other is the school's training goal. Only when the three match, can the demand become a reality, and the "demand"-led teaching model It is also more targeted.

The market demand for e-commerce can be divided into two categories: one is the enterprise class, and the other is the business class. The e-commerce implementation of enterprises mainly focuses on e-commerce development of production enterprises and business enterprises, such as e-procurement, production process control, electronic sales, and electronic supply chain. The business-oriented e-commerce implementation is mainly based on the development of business activities in the network environment, such as online bookstores, online flower shops, shopping malls, online communities and so on. As far as the above two e-commerce needs are concerned, the capability requirements are wide-ranging and practical, which is a concentrated expression of quality and ability. Therefore, e-commerce training needs to be heavy, wide-ranging and strong.

Second, the "project" guided e-commerce training model

The “project”-led training model refers to students who host or participate in various forms of scientific research projects, technology development, entrepreneurial planning, etc. In the process of project completion, students' innovative consciousness, independent learning ability, cooperative spirit and initiative ability are cultivated. . The “project” guidance reflects the systematic and comprehensive teaching system.

In the later stage of the school, the school will have a concentrated simulation internship. From the perspective of continuity and a certain depth, the content of the simulation internship should have a certain consistency, and ensure that each simulation internship is based on the last simulated internship content. Further deepening, from the initial project ideas, through project development and design, to the final project operation and implementation. Therefore, each student's project selection is the key, and the implementation of a complete project can enable students to have a deeper understanding of the practical content of related fields. Overall, the project is the main line of students, e-commerce training theory courses and related practices are the guarantee of the completion of the project.

Third, the implementation of e-commerce training mode

1. The teacher's practical ability is improved. Teachers and students are the main body of the talent training model, and teachers are the implementers of the training model. Teachers are required to take regular posts to exercise, and they must have more than half a year of e-commerce companies to exercise their energy. At the same time, teachers are encouraged to participate in industry conferences, especially those organized by enterprises, universities, and universities. Such as e-commerce innovation development summit forum, cross-strait e-commerce industry cooperation and exchange meeting, apec small and medium enterprise summit (e-commerce forum). In recent years, there have also been many innovation activities organized by the construction of the network and its business application talents and the professional development ability of students.

2. School-enterprise cooperation The implementation of school-enterprise cooperation can not only make the school familiar with at least one industry or one mode of e-commerce operation mode, ensure the targeting of e-commerce training, improve the level and quality of talent training in schools, and can exercise and improve The level of the teacher. For students, it enables them to establish a clear sense of professionalism and purpose of learning, and it is conducive to broaden the knowledge of students and improve their practical ability. At the same time, they can fully mobilize students' learning through project-driven, school-enterprise cooperation and other means. Initiative, enthusiasm, training of application innovation ability, improve students' comprehensive practical ability. School-enterprise cooperation creates more practical opportunities for students to discover problems, solve problems, and improve students' application ability and innovation ability in practice.

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