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Qiaozui (QIAO ZUI SHE) brand children's clothing style originated from the European and Korean fashion in high-end children's clothing, is a stylish cutting-edge, happy casual children's clothing brand. The company's design team cleverly combines the European and Korean styles with the deep-rooted oriental culture to develop fashionable pop costumes that show the innocent, individualistic and imaginative world of children and adolescents. QIAO ZUI SHE advocates simple but not simple, stylish personality, happy casual blend of taste and culture. Nowadays, QIAO ZUI SHE distributes and promotes the children's clothing style with the four-series of cool times, leisure sports, rebellious angels and parent-child equipment with perfect product structure and clear colors. QIAO ZUI SHE is a children's wear brand whose main products are T-shirts, jackets, trousers, skirts, sweaters, cotton suits, down jackets, jeans, sportswear and leisure bags , Underwear, socks, accessories and more. Targeted consumer groups targeted at children aged 2-15 years imaginative and expressive, fashion and healthy life, QIAO ZUI SHE children's clothing with the rapid development of accurate market positioning, capture the domestic high-end market and consumption group. Dongguan City alone Snake Clothing Co., Ltd uses "5S" standard production management system, the introduction of advanced production equipment and high-end fashion fabrics, that is strictly in the production line to ensure that each product to AQ2.5 quality standards. At the same time formed a product research and development center and a strong lineup of product development team, has been rated as "one of the top ten designers in Guangdong", has many years of development experience and successfully created a number of clothing brands Miss Huang Zhengmin as a lifelong designer director heart Committed to lead the design team always capture the fashion trend of the message, the company created the three well-known brands, Dongguan City alone Snake Clothing Co., Ltd. with strong resources to support the rapid development of the brand. "Qiaozui" (QIAO ZUI SHE) children's clothing brand to adopt a single store to join, the provincial agency, city agents, self-employed and associates and other forms of combining the development of the domestic market, the terminal implementation of "cultural stores" and "green stores "Strategy, and actively advocate for consumers to create bright, comfortable and unique one-stop shopping platform, through unique store design and superhuman concept of humanity, rich brand connotation, with cultural force to drive marketing force, through a unique image, Unique products, unique services and unique interpretation of the concept, continue to consolidate the company to create a strong brand ambitious strategic blueprint.

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