Celebrate China's top ten brands Bear B Qi children's clothing stationed in Maoming

The recent rains have brought a hint of coolness to early summer Guangdong. With the rainfall, Maoming city flower safflower also usher in the flowering season. In the middle of May, the bear B Qi brand children's clothing also came to Guangdong Maoming with love. The Cubs BIRI stationed in Maoming, will also be accompanied by the opening of safflower and more brilliant and brilliant! Winnie B Bok children's clothing brand to adopt a single store to join, the provincial agency, city agency, self-employed and associates and other forms of combining the development of the domestic market, the terminal implementation of "cultural stores" and "green stores" strategy, and actively advocate for consumption Create a bright, comfortable, unique one-stop shopping platform. The move settled in Maoming, will further open up the market in central and western Guangdong. Winnie the Bitch brand children's clothing style from Europe and South Korea's fashion top children's clothing, is a stylish cutting-edge, casual and happy children's dreams of the top ten children's wear brand products mainly cotton environmental protection fabrics, the main products include T-shirts, jackets, pants Clothing, dresses, sweaters, cotton suits, down jackets, jeans, sportswear and more. Welcome to join the children's clothing industry friends to visit the headquarters of Foshan company, more details, you can log Bear B Qi's official website or official WeChat: gdfsbq100.

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