Shenzhen City, the first ten famous brand - TTI fashion women

TITI brand has gone through 15 Spring and Autumn, is a very mature well-known brand, has been rated as the first Shenzhen Top Ten well-known brands, the fourth international brand clothing apparel "fashion brand" title. Unconventional momentum of development, contains unlimited investment opportunities. TITI career stars is you, TITI originated in 1998, TITI has always been to provide multi-level urban white-collar workplace day-wear.


TITI empowers workplace leaders to shape and empower workplace leaders through their fashion and to stand side by side with each and every career challenge. TITI since its inception in 1998, has been pursuing a unique design, color novel, committed to serving the urban elite niche customers, the details of excellence. TITI international design team shaped 10 years, TITI has now set up a unique image of the professional elite. Women wear TITI costumes independent, confident, vertical and strong, can perfectly reflect the rational and authoritative sense, so as to better represent the workplace energy and social forces.


With the continuous improvement of TITI brand awareness, TITI was named "The First Shenzhen Top Ten Famous Brand", "The Second Asia Famous Brand Award", "China International Fashion Brands Fashion Brands", "The Most Influential Brand in Apparel Industry" "Big sales" and so on awards, becoming the object of many media coverage. Now stores throughout the country more than 50 large and medium-sized cities in the capital, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu has offices. Continuation of the previous self-confident, independent urban white-collar style, TITI to design as the soul, based on product quality, such as men 's elegant neckline, cuffs and other design details, intellectual does not contrived, highlighting the professional attitude of the workplace and sophisticated dress quality ... ...

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