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Gao Xiaodong, Bosideng's Vice President, was awarded 2013 People's Wear of the Year in China On the evening of October 16, 2013, "2013 China Apparel People of the Year" awards show held by China National Garment Association was held in Beijing International Hotel Conference Center. Gao Xiaodong, executive vice president of Bosideng Co., Outstanding representatives such as the 10 apparel industry won the "2013 China People of the Year Award" award. As a business rookie, Gao Xiaodong's talent, perseverance and diligence impressive. Gao Xiaodong since Bosideng entered the work in 2002, has served as Bosideng men's general manager, Bosideng Co., Ltd. general manager and executive vice president. Gao Xiaodong honed himself with the necessary qualities and requirements of the Bosnian helth of the new generation and demonstrated the spirit and style of young elites in the new era and made outstanding contributions to the rapid development of Bosideng's enterprises and brands. At the same time, Gao Xiaodong also contributed to the expansion of China's down jacket industry size, production expansion and technical innovation, quality improvement of the overall leap for the internationalization of China's own clothing brand, to promote regional economic and social development and make an important contribution. Photo: Gao Xiaodong (third from left), executive vice president of Bosideng Co., Ltd., led the annual 2013 Chinese clothing figure

Tea light candle,is the kind of Colored Candles, also known as candle for coffee & tea.Its small size, long burning time, is the essentials of western family.Apply to hotels, churches, religious activity places. it is  with aluminum cans casting wax, commonly used  for  birthday, burning time from 1-3 hours according to calculate weight,  generally used in  bars, KTV, cafe ,and the Candle Light like tea light,the candle light same as the tea light,so called the tea light candle

Tealight Candles

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