The old man has a particular about picking shoes! What shoes are the most suitable?

[This site - shoes and life] The American Orthopaedic Association has pointed out that 1/3 of elderly people over 65 have foot problems. A study conducted at the foot and ankle joint center of Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital pointed out that shoes are probably the main cause of the fall of the elderly. So, what kind of shoes is suitable for the elderly?

It is understood that many elderly shoes do not cause the toe toe valgus, there are many elderly sprained ankle because the shoes do not fit the feet, and even fell to a fracture. Therefore, a comfortable pair of shoes is particularly important for the elderly. Older shoes are not suitable mainly in these areas: large shoes, easy to separate from the feet, need to spend more effort to fix the shoes when walking, long-term down the feet will feel tired; fabric is too soft, such as cloth shoes and other lack of shock absorption, package Cover design; heel is too high, so that the elderly are more likely to sprain the ankle in a poor sense of balance.

The old man should follow the principle of “wide front shoes, tough shoes, and hard heels”. That is, at least one centimeter must be set in front of the toes to allow enough space for the toes to move; moderate mid-shoe tenacity is not easy to stomp, and when tossing shoes, it can be twisted by hand to observe, twisting or twisting into "tangle" shape No, the old man's heel has a thin fat pad, and its cushioning ability is weakened. If you don't pay attention to stepping on the pebbles, the heel will be very painful and the chance of plantar fasciitis will increase, so the heel should have a certain hardness, and at least 2 to 3 centimeters tall helps disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet. In addition, the elderly should penetrate good shoes with good air quality, such as sports shoes, and try to avoid plastics and other materials; it is best to use fasteners, shoes, buckles, etc., because the shoelaces are not only easy to loosen, but also increase the number of old people who are stumbled. risk.

It is worth reminding that the old man's feet are not wearable, so when buying shoes try on, try on for a while, wear at least ten minutes, walk around and confirm the comfort and then buy; standing feet turn to the right and left Turn over to test the stability of the shoes, if the foot is easy to turn over, it is recommended not to buy; when the armpits are easy to not fit the shoes, so we must also check the feeling when the armpit, you can pick up the toes or heels forward or back , to see if the shoes can completely wrap the feet. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Cooperation Media: Fashion Network Global Fashion Brand Network )

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