How to do phone marketing correctly

First of all, it must be communicated with everyone that telephone marketing and telemarketing are completely different concepts. Telemarketing is a marketing system that ensures that goals are achieved and resources are combined. Telephone sales are all sales-related actions to be performed in order to complete telemarketing. It includes how to use the various media, how to communicate, how to convey product or brand information according to the company's profit goals, how to tap customer leads and, more importantly, to obtain a satisfactory cash flow. Therefore, if the telephone marketing is an air force, then the telephone sales are the ground forces, and the victory of the war is obtained. In the end, it is necessary to look at the actions of the army. So whether you can achieve the desired performance goals, you still have to look at the implementation of telemarketing. Telemarketers are individuals or teams who perform this telemarketing task. Due to the different scales and stages of development, enterprises will have different forms of expression in the composition of the telesales team. Generally divided into the following forms.

1) One-stop telephone sales: from the distribution of information (directory or mail), telephone communication to after-sales service, etc.; generally such a setting is relatively small in the small business. The task of telemarketing is very complicated, and they spend a lot of time organizing their work, not the real telemarketing.

2) Telephone sales + assistant customer service type: Compared with the one-stop function, the telephone sales can do the work of complete telephone communication, and the work of some trivial administrative things or after-sales service is handed over to the special person. The size and subdivision of the division of labor depends on the development of the number of customers, as well as the life cycle of customers, such as the division of new and old customers, etc.

3) Call Center Type: The concept of call center is now misunderstood by many people. Don't think that if you have a telemarketing team, you can say that you already have a call center. The call center must have developed a certain scale of telephone sales, and at the same time, it needs the division of various functions such as callers, answerers, telephone assistants, customer service, quality supervision, etc., and such division can be proved to effectively improve the entire telephone team. The degree of professionalism that improves the stability and predictability of performance can only be considered. In order to be a call center, companies often spend a lot of money, resources, and manpower, and design and equip specialized CTI systems. If there is no accurate prediction, then there is a risk that blindly investing in the construction of the call center system.

But no matter what, no matter what type you use to form a telesales team, the basic quality, sales ability and collective collaboration ability of the telemarketer become the key to determining the performance. Here, I will focus on a few factors that primarily affect telemarketers.

1) The basic quality of telemarketers is very important, so pay enough attention to recruiting to pick the right “seed”.

In the past, a remarkable feature of telemarketing work is the heavy workload and the repetitive work. Therefore, the person who is suitable for telemarketing should first be a pragmatic farmer, not a smart hunter. People who are too smart often like to take shortcuts and are not suitable for down-to-earth work. Therefore, the choice of the top of the telephone sales is to see the candidate's patience is not strong. Looking at the patience of an employee, in addition to looking at his resume and the stability of his previous work, he can also assign his specific cleaning data at the beginning to see the quality and attitude of his work.

When I was leading the telemarketing department, in order to ensure the quality of the data, I often hired some part-time employees to clean the data. On the one hand, it is to complete the data sorting work at a lower cost, and on the other hand, to select the appropriate "seed" from the part-time employees. If he can do the work of cleaning the data seriously, and has certain technical conditions, it will break into our official telesales team.

Second, telemarketing is a job with a high rejection rate. According to statistics, the normal rejection rate of telephone sales is usually over 96%. In other words, if there are 4 people in 100 phones who are willing to listen to you, it is normal. If telemarketing is not strong enough for people to resist, then choosing a telemarketing job is undoubtedly a disaster for him. Some psychologists also call "resistance" "heart", which refers to the mental processing mode of rejection. The right mental model is to actively deal with the mind to focus on how to solve the problem, rather than giving up passively. Such people generally have a "heart" that is inversely enhanced. Inappropriate "heart" means that I am used to passive giving up, so that it becomes part of the character, it is difficult to change. At present, there are many mature anti-stress interview methods, and you can select candidates who have already had the "heart" of reverse enhancement. Interested friends can exchange letters.

Third, the ability conditions are divided into two categories: universal and technical. The so-called universality is a condition that generally satisfies a certain probability. For example, the salesperson's education is generally not too high, the age is preferably between 18 and 25, etc. These are called universal conditions.

The technical conditions for proper telemarketing include sound conditions, keen responses, logical thinking, a sense of purpose, and customer-centric service awareness. Telemarketers of different organizations have different emphasis on technical conditions. If the caller is out of the phone, the sense of purpose must be strong, and the sales must complete the monthly performance indicators.

What I want to emphasize here is that the basic ability of technology is relatively easy to cultivate, and the quality of the inner mentality is difficult to change.

2) Knowledge factors affecting telemarketing performance

Knowledge is different from information. If you read a book, it does not mean that you have mastered the knowledge of this book. Similarly, when you give your phone business staff training on companies and products, don't think they have the knowledge. It can only be applied in practice, and it can be explained in the opposite direction.

The knowledge that telemarketers should have includes company background, product knowledge, pricing system, service introduction, success stories, customer applications, and promotional policies. In particular, in terms of product use, common problem handling, comparison of competitor product features, comparison of advantages and disadvantages, market trends, etc., it is necessary to form a business manual (SOP) that is easily grasped by sales personnel.

The methods of general investigation include memorizing memories, written examinations of knowledge points, and simulated situational questions and answers. These contents should be the focus of pre-job training. Not only that, because the market is dynamic, in the follow-up sales training and summary meeting, all sales staff should repeat and share, improve together and make progress.

3) Winning phone sales skills

I am afraid that this information is more about telemarketing and is more interesting. Here, I will summarize some of my thoughts as follows.

1, do phone sales, not just the phone ------ this kind of weapon is fighting. You should learn to make full use of various sales media, and communicate with customers through telephone, such as advertising letters, mails, directories, emails, etc. As for how to use and combine these media, it will be described in detail later. More importantly, you need to learn to change the different forms and convey uninterrupted information to keep in touch with your customers. The basic thing to do business is not to let the customer sever contact with you, and there is room for communication.

2. Before you start to call, you must first think about the purpose of your call. Prepare questions and notebooks in advance and keep track of the information you get in communication. Use this to judge the quality of your calls.

3, whether you are calling or answering the phone, you must be polite, such as asking whether the time is convenient, etc., and pay attention to the whole customer, listen to every word of the customer.

4. Questioning is the key to successful telemarketing. You need to design some questions in advance, and develop a related map of the problem, understand the relationship between each problem and the next problem, and expand the field. However, it should be noted that there must be no gap between the problem and the problem, and there must be a natural transition. This makes it easy to become an interrogation client. Also, the number and type of questions should be prepared in advance. Not too much, not too little, otherwise it is easy for customers to lose trust in you.

5. Use sensitive minds to listen and feel the emotions of customers, interact with him, and learn to share his feelings.

6. Think of the customer as your friend, care for him, love him, and advise him as a friend or consultant. Be brief and clear when introducing products or services, and don't delay.

7, to design some stress-free information and his constant communication, let him gradually reduce your resistance, you have to give him a chance to choose. At the same time, we must use the strategy so that customers no longer delay to complete their own indicators.

8. According to statistics, 80% of sales are completed after the 4th to 11th tracking! So learn to follow up skillfully.

9. Once the customer has actively consulted you, or if you have any questions, please ask. No matter what form, you have to deal with it before. Help customers get his needs as much as possible.

10. Later, it is also more important. No matter what kind of professional telemarketing training you have received, you can learn about the opening remarks, mining requirements, objection handling, and transactions. These are all you can refer to, but they are not necessarily copied. In fact, when you really work hard, you really think about your customers. Even if you have a strong personality, your customers can feel that you are thinking about him again. As long as you persist and dare to pay, you will surely overcome all obstacles to achieve your desired success. When you accumulate to a certain extent, you will find that the skills are really not that important.

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