Gu Ge fashion lingerie experience city slow life

Urban slow life, because the tranquil and slow on the slow half shot, it is necessary to attach importance to quality of life, emphasis on life to enjoy, but also the pursuit of exquisite fashion, the idea of ​​a slow life implemented in life, so regrettably sighed but frustrated others.

Summer cool shades of affordable clothing, cotton tracksuit, a bit Shudan dash of pure, innocent aloof from the pure natural, breathable cotton in the past just to keep warm, KUGER Guge simple addition of woven cotton special treatment, heavy Relaxed, the original taste of children slow, lazy but not vulgar, plain but not boring, enjoy the fast-paced slow life.


Walking through the city's slow-living family, loves a relaxed casual home service, Gu Ge urban slow life, real life permeated with real personality outside of fashion, independence is a landmark taste, but no one can ignore from Their eyes clear the face behind the clarity and dredging the exquisite, this is the colorful city of slow life.

Urban girls love life taste, the choice of home service is also the importance of design sense, so even the relaxed style of the home service is not more wide and less shaped, fine cut to the quality of women's personality expression vividly.

Urban life has its own decent and decent needs, even if not stiff but at least tangible, relaxed legs in the trousers for sports shut, small details easily create the trendy personality of the pants, highlighting the leisurely leisure life. Perhaps wear clothing with a strong sense of design out of the home is also possible, fresh and natural temperament, simple and straightforward, so that one indifferent to overflowing beyond the Yingge Dan dance beyond the Jing Wan Shuyi.

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