Taiping bird new value orientation: traditional clothing connection "fast fashion"

While China's design has become increasingly popular, the development of the Chinese garment industry has become increasingly clear. The garment industry needs to be transformed. Clothing brands need to be transformed. Experts and scholars from different quarters begin to look forward to the industry again. The rise of the Ningbo clothing Taiping bird has suddenly opened the door to change in the garment industry.

The 8th Annual Apparel Brand Award Wins Outstanding Award in Peacebird Costume

A few days ago, at the eighth annual award of Chinese clothing brand, Taiping bird won the value award in one fell swoop.

While China's design has become increasingly popular, the development of the Chinese garment industry has become increasingly clear. The garment industry needs to be transformed. Clothing brands need to be transformed. Experts and scholars from different quarters begin to look forward to the industry again. Who is the first person who dares to eat crabs? The rise of the Taiping Bird has suddenly opened the door to change in the garment industry.

“The competition in the apparel industry will shift from capital competition to value competition.” Since the brand was founded in the 1990s, the Peacebirds knew that with the change in people’s consumption patterns, the brand value will become the key to the competition in the garment industry. As one of the early practitioners of “virtual management” in China, Taiping Bird firmly grasped the design and marketing, and used the fast fashion model to quickly become popular in the north and south.

Behind the rapid development, some people questioned whether the Taiping bird is innovative or imitation compared to foreign fast fashion brands.

“Creative fashion is the value of today’s garment industry. Taiping’s biggest advantage is not the general trend of the business model, but its deep understanding of the market at its feet.” Relying on unique corporate culture, Taiping gradually extracts Chinese traditional clothing. The new value orientation of industrial development.

Peacebird Fashion Menswear Display

Creative Design Reshaping——The Value System of Domestic Garment Industry

As early as five years ago, Peacebird won the "Innovation Award" at the annual award of the Chinese clothing brand, which is known as the "Oscar of the Chinese Fashion Industry." The evaluation criteria for this award depends on the company's business philosophy or business model. The originality, pioneeringness and inspiration of the development of the entire industry have finally impressed the judges.

What is the "Peace Mode" and why is it so attractive?

In the apparel value chain, the accepted profit distribution structure is: 50% of design, 40% of marketing, and 10% of production, that is, design and marketing are at the high end of the value chain. In this "smile curve", the Chinese garment industry has been criticized for being in the processing industry.

Thanks to the financial crisis in 1997, Taiping started its transition to a virtual business model. From pure manufacturing and sales, to the main business of branding, design, and marketing, the labor-intensive manufacturing business was gradually removed. By analyzing the company's core advantages, allowing upstream producers to concentrate more on product production, downstream channel market construction and joint social capital development, Taiping Bird gradually formed a brand-based industrial chain, and increasingly highlights the two core business of design and marketing.

The shortcomings in the development of China's garment industry lie in soft power. In order to change, Peacebird invested a great deal of effort in product R&D. In the view of the Peacebirds, if the value of the apparel industry lies in the brand, then the value of the brand is no doubt locked in the design of the product itself.

From the source of product value, Peacebird repositioned the core of corporate value, and reversed the low-end development path of the traditional production and processing-type garment industry, such as heavy production light design, light weight style, heavy processing light fashion, through the design of international standards and continuous investment in research and development. Putting the core competitiveness on difficult-to-improve creative and trend-leading, rather than traditional production, cost, and scale, the Taiping Bird is rooted in the Chinese local culture and maximizes the innovation of design concepts. "Apparel wins the market by connotation rather than propaganda." Taiping bird firmly believes that "design is the key to the pursuit of value maximization for apparel companies." Through in-depth observation of target consumer groups, Taiping bird expresses its appeal as a design breakthrough and seeks independence. The clothing culture that belongs to Chinese characteristics constantly seeks to experience the diversified aesthetic culture in the process of adapting to consumption promotion and changes.

“To be new, follow me.” Taiping bird tries hard to become synonymous with fashion in the minds of consumers. It is not merely the costume itself that “design should be a fashionable traction person, not a seeker,” and “the only thing that changes in fashion is change”. . The Peacebirds have fun with the current one-episode propositions, bringing together people's emotional venting trends, using various elements and styles to find a fit between market and designer inspiration.

Integrating creative design into the brand's operating system and realizing it within the product, the Taiping bird makes consumers truly feel the vitality of the traditional industry.

Peacebird Fashion Casual Women's Boutique

Cheap and fast fashion construction - a new force for the development of apparel brands

After entering the new century, the Peacebirds took off again, aiming at the "fast fashion" development model known for its cheap price and rapid response. After learning from foreign advanced clothing companies, Taiping Bird has become an early practitioner of "fast fashion" in China.

Digging deeper into the essence of fast fashion, Peacebird relied on the virtual business established earlier to easily win with “fast”. Today, there are more than 10 kinds of powerful design powers that create fashion every day, fast-circulation fusion of the whole industry based on ten-year calculations, and distribution efficiency in hours, and they go as far as the northern border town of Mohe. The latest product shelves can be within 48 hours. Global synchronization; even in a short period of time, hatched six subsidiaries, more than 10 popular brands, dozens of creative teams, command more than 100 upstream suppliers and more than 2,400 self-owned and franchised sales outlets. The Peacebirds performed the "fast" word perfectly.

In bringing consumers into constant contact with new clothes, Taiping Bird fully exploited the advantages of fast fashion and virtual management, reduced the cost of products to the price of products, and used cheap strategies to attract a large number of loyal consumers. For example, Taiping Bird Women's Clothing, which is targeted at 20-30 year-old fashion women, is priced at 280 yuan for spring and summer clothes and 420 yuan for autumn and winter clothes. Through the idea of ​​parity, Peacebird hopes that all people will have a low-cost fashion.

The market is the best test stone. Cheap fast fashion has given the Taiping bird a huge market benefit. Following the "Innovation Award", the Peacebird won the "Marketing Award" for its absolute advantage. Visible Taiping Group also has its own unique marketing ideas in marketing.

The characteristics of replication, irreplaceability in the virtual business, creative industries, fast fashion, and the Peacebird mode have become a sample of the development of China's garment industry and have created a new driving force for the development of the current apparel industry.

Jumping out of the limitations of products and industries, taking brand value and cultural innovation as weapons, it delivers a fashionable lifestyle to consumers and interprets Chinese-style cultural trends. Instead of selling products, we try to guide people to develop a richer and more fashionable sensory experience. Taiping Bird has always used the action to interpret the new value orientation of the traditional clothing industry.

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