Interpretation of the domestic fabric products business development model

To determine whether a product development model works, it depends on the final effect of the market after its break-in. After the China International Textiles and Accessories (Spring-summer) Expo, we try to summarize the model of product development of fabric enterprises, of course, can not be completely copied, just hope that other companies can fully learn from. Elephant can also dance business model Recently, Shandong Luthai Textile Co., Ltd. restructuring changes, once again for the industry admiration, companies will be "fast" and "slow" a good combination: the establishment of the design center and hired Italy, France Designers, do new product research and development a year ahead of schedule; at the same time the face of changes in market demand, the company's sales team set up a perfect yarn system, to achieve efficient and rapid response, and another 1000 flower-type fabrics are not subject to set Volume restrictions, to adapt to the current fashion brand "short cycle, variety, small quantities of" operational needs. Regulations As the world's largest high-end yarn-dyed fabric manufacturer, Shandong Luthai has always been known for its technology. The China International Fabric Exhibition, the focus of the enterprise is exhibited with the Italian and French designers to jointly develop the "2013 popular fabric," is divided into three major varieties, namely, formal wear fabrics, casual wear fabrics, holiday wear fabrics . Zhang Dong, director of corporate product design from the point of view of the design style, said: "The formal wear fabric color elegant, pay attention to feel, and the proper use of the jacquard process, reflecting the sense of quality; casual wear fabric color is relatively strong, fabric pattern to fine lattice-based Festive fabrics emphasize luster and fabrics feel special. "In cooperation with international advanced design institutes, developing products one year in advance ensures the accuracy of Luthai's overall product orientation. The company's well-prepared yarn system, including conventional yarn and popular yarn two, for the rapid response of enterprises to provide a guarantee. In the exhibition hall scene, Zhang Dong pointed to a row whether the color or pattern are very fashionable fabric products, said that this is the new business from the MOQ products, about 1,000 models, the customer can choose 1000 meters or 2000 meters, or less, this mode of operation is very popular with customers. Uniqueness want to "elephant dance", large enterprises to achieve high-speed operation, many companies often have this desire, but it is implemented everywhere run into trouble. Lutheran flexible management and operation mechanism shines, "slow" to be able to calm down and devote themselves to researching the market; "fast" to be able to keep pace with the fast fashion market demand, Luthai's approach did not neglect one another, but formed a complementary Advantage. Wine Xiang afraid alley enterprises template Hunan Huasheng Dongting Ma industry Co., Ltd. official said, companies began producing hemp home textile fabrics, the Swedish IKEA company has now established a relatively stable cooperative relations, and also try to use the hemp to Industrial textiles, only pay attention to the terminal can really open the hemp products market. Implementation details Domestic hemp products have been more exports, made many years overseas market Huasheng Dongting, obviously felt that domestic and foreign consumers on the hemp product style preferences vary greatly. The person in charge of the company said that if the hemp products are developed in accordance with the concept of consumption in Europe, domestic consumers are less likely to accept it. Domestic manufacturers are more inclined to purchase Blended fabrics, usually 15% to 20% of hemp. Therefore, enterprises have increased the product development of hemp and other fiber blends, the market feedback is very good. From a technical point of view, the current Bast Fiber blended products have developed more mature, with a variety of fibers in various proportions blended. Now the problem of hemp products is how to allow domestic end consumers to accept the characteristics of hemp fabric itself, for example, feel more stiff, easy to wrinkle. Under the premise of not changing its characteristics, how to make consumers accept? With the terminal to establish a more solid relationship of cooperation can be said that an important way. By the power of the terminal hemp product image will be established, Huasheng Dongting and IKEA and other major brands of cooperation is an effective attempt. Although the company also OEM some large apparel brand processing, but according to the person in charge of business, the next step enterprises will try to create their own end brand, the hemp products to the market. Originality We often say: "wine is not afraid of the alley", and Hua Sheng Dongting practice did not follow this old saying. Enterprises such as IKEA by the power of big brands, not only the high-performance hemp products to the terminal market, more importantly, IKEA and other brands can learn from the mature product promotion model for the company to lay the foundation for their own brand. Bizarre ability to win the business model In this fabric show, Jiangsu Danmao Textile Co., Ltd. has brought its own patented technology, "Dan Dan shells" spring and summer series of fabrics. According to the person in charge Cai Zhe introduced the fabric yarn has a curly shape, and this form in the deformation after a simple heat treatment can be regained, as with the shape memory function. Using this principle, Dan Mao developed a new elastic fabric. By changing the fabric composition and process, the fabric can be obtained with different elastic properties, the flexibility of the fabric can be arbitrarily designed between 5% ~ 20%. Implementation details Since the introduction of "Dan-Dan Bullet" series fabrics last year, the self-developed and patented technology of this enterprise has opened up a new market situation for Dan Mao. The spring-summer series brought by this enterprise is developed according to market demand . Cai Zhe said that spring and summer consumers are more inclined to light and delicate clothing fabrics, so companies choose to Dan Mao's worsted process and knitting, jacquard and other processes combined. In order to give the company an absolute advantage in its products, Dan Mao just imported 5,000 spindles of compact spinning equipment from Germany. Although Cai Zhe said the current business survival pressure is not small, but in 2011, Dan wool fabric sales exceeded 8 million meters, which is a big business beyond, and in 2012, the company set another 9.2 million meters large aims. It is understood that since the beginning of the year, Dan Mao's factory has been overloaded, orders have been discharged in July, the other, the current corporate profits remained at about 18% to 20%, although the face of a substantial increase in the cost of production , But the profit margin of enterprise products is very impressive. Uniqueness surprising ability to win is a higher demand for business innovation, enterprises are often difficult to face the difficulties, Dan Mao's "Dan Dan bomb" series is the best example of proof. The face of the market is not optimistic about the environment, the reason why companies so confident, and Dan Mao differentiated innovative products are inseparable, with excellent technology to avoid the homogenization of competition, orders, profits is the best business innovation Return

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