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Epito in EpitoJeans is derived from Epitomize, a word that can perfectly display the special and individuality, just like humans and even all creatures, even though their appearances are of the same equal structure, but all of them Each has a different personality and emotions, so everyone is independent, unique, alone, precisely because people have different characteristics, so there is the emergence of EpitoJeans. EpitoJeans, a European-style bridal apparel brand exclusively for the modern woman, has its core concept [Epitomize], so EpitoJeans is tailor-made for the modern 20-35 year-old woman. Exquisite manufacturing process of the blue dress series, match the trend of clothing accessories products, coupled with the contemporary women's own preferences, creativity and taste, the purpose is to create a modern fashion stylish and tasteful way of life, so that it can highlight Out of the self-personality and self-cultivation and only belong to their own unique quality of life.

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Hong Kong trendy fashion artist Mr Hsu Chih-liang at a young age once with his family to Europe's most famous apparel Kingdom - [Italy] travel, and by coincidence saw a European famous fashion clothing flyover Sao, at that moment, Mr. Xu Zhiliang was deeply attracted to the European fashion clothing, he returned to Hong Kong for a long time can not forget, also began to conduct in-depth study of fashion clothing, immediately left the college and immediately join the apparel industry and in 1992 set up a [NiceWin ] The Group develops and produces a wide range of apparel collections for a number of internationally renowned brands to further its dreams. With around 20 years of continuous learning and accumulation, he realized that in fact the European fashion clothing is not just the pursuit of design, the real attractiveness of European fashion clothing is its exploration of the concept of life and The pursuit of personal taste, and this is precisely the lack of clothing in Asia Pacific many brands of a feature, at this time his thoughts began to involve the hope that the European fashion and personal taste of lifestyle can be introduced to the concept of the Asia Pacific region.

意比图女装 向世界宣告时尚品味生活

Seeing this Mr. Xu Zhiliang decided to visit Europe's fashion kingdoms once again to observe the fashion clothing of many famous European brands. The hope is that on the one hand, Fortunately, he discovered the EpitoJeans brand from a European tour, and found that EpitoJeans philosophy and his philosophy resonated. After many considerations, Mr. Hsu Chih-liang decided to combine the stylish personality of EpitoJeans with the design philosophy of pursuing a lifestyle into his own good years of [NiceWin] quality apparel technology coupled with years of accumulated successful management experience as an introduction EpitoJeans to the Asia-Pacific region, a solid foundation, so EpitoJeans finally in 2008, Mr. Xu Zhiliang discerning eyes cut into the Asia-Pacific region, and to lead the trend, to explore the taste of life and the pursuit of personality as the goal, into Asia Pacific clothing brand One of the important seats.

意比图女装 向世界宣告时尚品味生活

Macro Asia Pacific, China is bound to be EpitoJeans the most suitable for the development of the market, because the unique lines of Chinese women in the East, to improve the quality of life while also pursuing personalization, is exactly the concept of EpitoJeans. In view of this SammyHui proposed EpitoJeans's European fashion clothing with modern high-quality pre-market after-sales service, with the Chinese Oriental women's taste of life and the pursuit of personalized interaction make an interaction so that both sides can keep each other red Excitement, promote each other, so as to achieve the EpitoJeans and Oriental women are able to declare to the world [Fashion, taste life and the pursuit of personalization, will not only allow the western countries beautiful! ] Lofty ideals.

  The most common varieties of pongee fabrics are semi-elastic pongee, full-bombs pongee, extinction pongee. The three series are now introduced as follows.

1."semi-elastic pongee" fabrics have been made into lining accessories such as suits, jackets, children's wear, and professional wear. Nowadays, with the development of domestic exhibitions and advertising industry, the demand for flag types is increasing day by day. "semi-elastic pongee" Become a major sales highlight of Wujiang China Oriental Silk Market. The fabric warp is made of polyester FDY60D/24F. The plain weave is interwoven on the water jet loom. The fabric is processed by softening, reducing, dyeing and shaping. The fabric is characterized by polyester luster. Soft and smooth, not easy to crack, not easy to fade, shiny and bright, etc, especially the production of various types of flags are more vivid. After the dyeing and finishing of the product, the mechanical high-temperature finishing calendering process is an "environmentally friendly" deep processing, which makes the lining bright, soft, and breathable, winning the favor of clothing manufacturers. In particular, the ginning lining and the jacquard lining are comparable, and the price is much cheaper. It has become one of the marketable fabrics for many years.

2."fextinction pongee" has a wide variety and complete specifications, among which 240T and 300T are the most favored in the market. The fabric is woven with polyester DTY75D/72F (network wire), and the fabric is flat (1/2 twill, 1/ 3 twill) texture weaving. The weaving process is ingenious, and the dyeing and finishing process uses "environmentally friendly" dyeing to promote the appearance and gloss of the fabric. The dyeing and finishing process continues, such as PVC, PU, spun coating, and other fabrics. Electric embroidery, powder point compounding, sanding, calendering, etc., make the full-bombs pongee more applicable, so the market sales increase year by year. It can be used to make down jackets, casual jackets, children's wear, etc. Waterproof coated fabrics can also be made into waterproof suits, umbrella ponchos, sunshades and so on. In addition to the best-selling domestic market, these fabrics are also sold to dozens of countries overseas.


"extinction pongee" belongs to the fextinction pongee series. The latitude and longitude of the fabric is made of polyester matt DTY75D/72F or 50D/72F (network wire). The weaving process is ingenious, and the dyeing and finishing process uses "environmentally friendly" dyeing, which has greatly improved the appearance of the fabric. The "fextinction pongee" fabric is suitable for a wide range of applications.The fabric can be used to make autumn jackets and children's wear. According to market operators: In addition to the best-selling domestic market, these fabrics are also sold to dozens of countries overseas. With the changes in weather and the updating of people's clothing fabrics, "fextinction pongee" will surely occupy the second half of the year. 

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