Pakistan's heavy rains cause damage to 2 million bales of cotton

The Pakistani Parliament’s Textile Industry Standing Committee’s Akram. Ansari said that the heavy rain in Sindh damaged at least 2 million bales of cotton.

In the briefing on the crop situation presented to the Standing Committee of the Textile Industry, Ansari said that this is one of the concerns of the country, because other crops, including peppers and sugarcane, are also damaged by heavy rain and floods.

Ansari said Pakistan lost 2.6 million bales of cotton in the floods last year.

Ansari said that this year, the country expects to obtain 15 million bales of cotton production, but unfavorable rain has destroyed the crop areas in Mirpurhas, Hyderabad and Badin.

Ansari said that the government needs to compensate for the loss of growers. The committee will recommend that authorities, including congressional spokespersons, discuss the situation in the House of Representatives and ask the government to make some statements in this regard.

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