Mba New York Fashion Brand 2011 Gala concluded

March 20, 2012, Guangzhou Asia International Hotel multi-purpose hall, Hong Kong Freeware Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony of the 2011 Miba New York Fashion Brand Gala to participate in this party in addition to the free point of all staff in Guangzhou company In addition, colleagues from Fuzhou Office and Mpao Niu brand outlets all came together to participate in this event.

Evening by the beautiful vice president Jiang Shaoqing presided over. Mr. Hong, general manager of the company, Mianyun Yunnan join franchisee, Mimba Newfoundland franchisee, Mmba New Jersey franchisees also attended the event, Fujian region, a collective chorus "singing the motherland" opened the prelude to the entire party , Then comedy, dance, stage shows and other lively style, won the applause.

The various departments of the company carefully organized rehearsal shows and expressed their wishes for the new year. These colorful and lively programs led to constant applause and applause. The photographer's flash was also flashing, but he was afraid to miss out Every wonderful shot. Colleagues gathered together, piece "Variety of people" stage show "beauty pageant" and other programs, but also the evening party to the climax.


Subsequent personal program, the staff's talent has been fully demonstrated, guitar, erhu solo, poetry recitation, love songs and duets, etc. to the audience left a deep impression. Among them, colleagues from Shenyang Office and colleagues from Rizhao Branch from afar brought fantastic performances and won applause from audiences and judges. The CEO of the company finally awarded prizes for individual program winners.
Finally, senior executives of the company presented their awards to franchisees and individuals who contributed to the rapid development of the Mabuterno women's wear brand in 2011. In 2011, the Mabianu brand acquired the quality under their hard work Leap, the terminal store sales growth rate of 187%. The general manager of the company presented the awards for them and hope they make unremitting efforts in the new year to create brilliance!


The party continued the game, prizes continued, the last candlelight in the blessing March birthday song, the party successfully concluded.

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